If you are Truly a historical romance addict...

You would know there are tons of authors writing Regency historicals nowadays. One of the most well-loved and popular authors is Georgette Heyer - who crafted each book with well-rounded protagonists, strong plot, thorough knowledge of the era and a wonderful sense of humor.

As a fan of Georgette Heyer I keep searching for quality historical romance novels and authors.  This website shares my views with you with a "Heyer" Score for  authors & books.

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Now, why did I start with the mention of Georgette Heyer?  It is because her works have "inspired" almost all historical romance authors of today. They get inspired to reiterate humorous passages, reuse heroine names or even just copy the entire story line!

Heyer is known for sticking to the TRUE culture, events, clothes, rules of behavior, locations and even people of the era about which she wrote. I started by reading her books and have read many like Cotillion over and over again to discover the layers of emotions, characterizations, meanings in the conversations and humor that lie beneath.

Contrast her writing and approach to that of the other authors! Those who idly use modern slang in conversations or have the hero and heroine behave in ways that would have been unthinkable in that era. They fill their pages with every possible anachronism.

I shall talk about more authors who write "true" romances and those who are simply "page fillers" in this blog. Join me on this journey to review expose the truly lazy authors as well as uncover gems of true English historical romances...

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